Explore Social Networking at SLOCAMA

Bob Dumouchel


The links and presentation from last night are available at : https://gettorchlight.com/explore-social-networking-at-slocama/

Tomorrow I am going to be speaking at the San Luis Obispo Creative and Marketing Alliance’s (SLOCAMA) monthly meeting about Social Networking. SLOCAMA is pretty cool for a trade group, the people are a lot of fun, and the meetings are always a good time. This month’s meeting is at Aspect Studios, 755 Fiero Lane, Suite 110, San Luis Obsipo and the in-person networking starts at 5:30.

I am going to be covering Social Networking first at a high level to make sure everybody understands the basic concepts, and then a little more in depth on a few of the larger networks (Facebook, and LinkedIn).

If you’re a SLOCAMA member I have set up some places for us to congregate online that I encourage you to join.

  • SLOCAMA Myspace Page
  • SLOCAMA Facebook Group
  • SLOCAMA LinkedIn Group

If you have the chance to come out I hope to see you tomorrow night!