Digital Advertising is the fastest way to get results– whether that comes in the form of new customers or higher profits. If you don’t have the patience to utilize an organic SEO strategy, then digital advertising is for you! Paid Digital Advertising promotes your company in the most relevant spaces online generating fast results.


PPC to the Core

Pay-Per-Click Management (AKA Digital Advertising) is one of the main focuses of our company. The majority of our clients initially come to us to manage this aspect of their Digital Marketing because we save them time, money and increase their profits. We started working with Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) in July 2003 and have been driving our clients’ profits ever since!

We’re Data Driven

With the combination of Google Ads and Google Analytics, we put together monthly performance reports based on data points relevant to your business. We do this with easily accessible client dashboards that give you an understandable breakdown of the people on your website and what brings the most sales. Website visits are great, but clicks to your website don’t guarantee that you get a sale. We will give you the results you’re looking for!


We Have the Right People

In the world of digital marketing, there are constantly new algorithms, technologies and tools to use. You need Torchlight’s top-notch team to apply their specialized knowledge to help your business succeed. Whether this is accomplished through your Pay-Per-Click effort or on-page SEO, our desire is to put every dollar you spend towards immediate and long-term growth.