Central Coast Code Camp 2008

Rob Dumouchel

The Central Coast Code Camp is happening on the 27th and 28th of September at the Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo and our own Bob Dumouchel will be speaking this year. His talk is called “SEO versus PPC, a technical discussion” and should be full of lots good information. He will be taking the stage at 11:45 on Sunday. If you want to see the entire schedule for the weekend, you can check it out .

This is the second year for theCentral Coast Code Camp, and we are really excited to see this event do so well here in SLO. For the uninitiated, a code camp is a FREE 2 day seminar put on by software developers in the community and abroad. It takes place on a weekend, so it doesn’t interfere with working hours, and welcomes all people with an interest in sharing development ideas, philosophies, and most importantly CODE.