Facebook Flyers PPC Program

Rob Dumouchel

SMS is always looking for new opportunities to market ourselves and our clients on the Internet. Recently we’ve begun to experiment with Facebook Flyers. Facebook has millions of members and now offers a PPC program with a lot of potential!

For the uninitiated, Facebook is a social networking site where you can create a profile about yourself and link it to all of your friends. This type of site has exploded in popularity in the last few years and Facebook is one of the biggest in the market space. To give you an idea of the size of the Facebook user base, the network currently shows 20,665,600 people for the US. It’s also become very popular overseas. For example, I got into Facebook after one of my Swedish friends asked me to join. The network for Sweden is now almost 1 million people in a country of only 9 million! Facebook continues to grow at a staggering pace and if your customer base includes 18-34 year olds (Facebook has 15,788,600 of them) you can’t afford to ignore the opportunity this marketing channel presents.

The coolest thing about this new offering is the targeting. Some PPC engines attempt to give you the ability to target demographics but can’t really guarantee their guess will be correct, Facebook knows for sure who you are advertising to. The Facebook Flyer platform allows you to target by a country or cities, gender, age, keywords, political views, relationship status, educational status, school, major, and workplace!

So for example you could target single Men ages 18-24 in San Luis Obispo, CA enrolled in Cal Poly majoring in Mechanical/Electrical/Computer/Civil engineering who have moderate to conservative political views. In that particular example I get about 340 very specifically selected guys that would be able to receive my flyer.

Facebook has made this a Pay Per Click system so you only pay for the people who click your ads and visit your site, which is good because in our tests we have gotten huge impression numbers in very short amounts of time. Currently The minimum bid you can make is $0.10 and the most they will let you spend in a day is $50.

For our new and existing clients, we are adding Facebook Flyers to our PPC repertoire. If you want to try out this new media give us a call or send us an e-mail at rob@gettorchlight.com and we can help you figure out if this new advertising platform will benefit your business.

So far Facebook’s program isn’t perfect, and I think we’re in for some big improvements soon, but the one thing that won’t change is the potential in this new way of getting your message out. We’re excited to see how this platform and its traffic patterns evolve, and if you’re a 25-65 year old interested in marketing, advertising or the internet keep an eye out for the Adwords monster!