People do business with those they TRUST; they TRUST those that help them understand

Bob Dumouchel

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Trust Building requires a high frequency of consistent and transparent themed messages. Trust is a requirement for relational non-emergency professional service sales. This strategy is most effective for professional services businesses like Lawyers, CPAs, Investment Advisors, Financial Planners, HR Consultants, and Engineering, just to name a few. With some minor changes this can be effective for home services and other industries.

The selection of a trusted business advisor is an important decision for the Client. This results in a sales funnel that is long and complex with three major phases:

  • Awareness
  • Contact
  • Agreement

Awareness is digital marketing’s superpower, and the tool of choice is your Blog. To build awareness, you need to write and promote blog articles that communicate the value you create, and you get market awareness. You maintain awareness with frequency over time. The secret to awareness management is communicating with enough prospective clients that a percent will be ready to contact you. Over time, you will discover that the same percentage of the audience will reach that stage each month, but it will be different people.

Contact is driven by personal communications primarily phone calls and emails. Most clients will be aware of the service provider well in advance of the trigger event that changes a need into a want, starting the contact phase. The mission of your digital marketing is to be top of mind when the trigger event happens. Their want is what causes them to reach out and contact you. When the trigger event happens make sure that your company is easy to find and your Call to Action is clear and concise. Your Phone number must be easy to find and your offering of a ‘free consultation’; be front and center. Once the contact happens, the Client can move quickly to a service agreement.

Agreement close is the responsibility of the lawyer that provides the initial client consultation. The good news is that lawyers are exceptionally talented at this. Give a good lawyer a quality inbound call, and they will bring home the bacon.

Your Action Plan to create a steady flow of new clients is to reach a broad enough audience with sufficient frequency that your phone rings steadily. If you would like to talk with us about your specific needs, consider this offer:

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