Like a busy intersection, Digital Marketing can be tough to navigate. With so many Marketing Services available it can be a challenge to determine which tactic would work best for your industry . Choosing the right tactic still requires that it synergizes with the aspects that makes your business unique – such as location, competitors, and seasonality. It is these unique challenges that make Digital Marketing fun for us. No marketing plan is one-size fits all and because your business is unique you have advantages and opportunities that your competitors don’t.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Most clients are looking for quick results and plenty of data which is why we start most Digital Marketing Strategies with Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google Ads – its fast, really fast. We love that Google Ads gets clients quick results and some valuable data that we use for highly effective long-term strategies. We prefer to have relationships with our clients that last several years, not just months, so including long term strategies, like SEO, are important to include in every marketing plan.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


For the most part an SEO Plan is usually next, as the best keywords for SEO are usually found within an effective PPC Campaign. Running SEO and PPC creates a symbiotic relationship where both perform better together than they ever would separately. SEO provides a significant amount of data and is a powerful feedback loop for any SEO effort. SEO efforts not only improve the volume of organic traffic and page rankings but also create better Quality Scores in PPC, improving the performance of advertising costs.


Reputation Management

Finally the most valuable stream of data comes from what your customers are saying, especially in their reviews. We have a comprehensive Reputation Management Suite, called Market Pulse, that provides tools to post content on social media, respond to Reviews, and gather sentiment data of what people are saying about you on these channels. A business can have amazing advertising and SEO in the world, but an ecstatic customer is always the best marketing force for any business. This is the tool that gives you awareness of the ‘talk on the street’.