Standup Desk Experiment – Part 2

Bob Dumouchel

WeVeriDesk-Down have been experimenting with stand up desks since March of 2014 when I built the first prototype. After living with this for a while the input from the staff is that they like the standup desks but it does create other problems.

The first is that I am old and I cannot take standing for 8 or more hours. One of our employees has a problem with her knee so she frequently needs a break like I do. To address this I bought a Veridesk which allows us to adjust the height. The desk works great and the movement of the desk is smooth and easy. The challenge with it is the desk surface is too small and the height adjustment of the monitor surface is not customized to me. When I extend it up to a comfortable standing level (13”) for me the monitors are too low because the monitor platform is only 3”. When we built our own custom fitted to each person my monitor stand was 7” to get a comfortable viewing angle. One thing you might want to consider is the total height of the desk, especially if you are over 6’ tall.  Fully extended it is exactly where my custom fit was at so it works great for me. We realize we can fix the monitor height with adjustable monitor arms but that adds a few hundred dollars to each workstation.

We think Veridesk is a good product and it appears to be well engineered and it operates very smoothly. The biggest problem is the small desk surface and we ordered the 48” model. We did not test tVeriDesk-Uphe smaller version but that must just make it worse. Overall we think the product is excellent compared to the alternatives and a good value. A comfortable and healthy work environment is important to us so we will continue to experiment with our desk configurations.

The first article on this topic is at https://gettorchlight.com/blog/stand-up-desk-experiment/