SMS Visits the Google Mothership

Rob Dumouchel

Yesterday Bob and myself were invited up to the Googleplex for a workshop/feedback session. We had a great time learning about new tools and giving direct feedback to the engineers working on them. There was a small group of regular advertisers and a few agency types in the meeting and I think we were actually outnumbered by Googlers! I really like how interested the Google team is in feedback from real users, and their willingness to accept ideas and consider making those changes to upcoming products. Some of the stuff we learned yesterday is definitely going to be making its way into client accounts shortly.

Oh and everything you hear about the fantastical food situation at the Mountain View campus… totally true, We left well fed and happy 🙂

We’d like to give a big thank you to our National Agency Team for inviting us, and to Google for putting together such an informative and productive day!