A Blast From Our Past

Bob Dumouchel

Old-Picture2The other day I was looking back at some of our earliest blog articles and to my amazement the articles are as valid today as they were when we first published them in July 2007. Our blog actually goes back several years before that but the oldest articles fell victim to a website upgrade that did not go well. This just proves that the more things change the more they stay the same. The basic fundamentals are still fundamentals. Let’s look at a few of these old articles.

It Starts with the Query not the Page
Published in our blog July 12, 2007

This was previously published at another site that invited me as a guest blogger but that listing is now gone but the essence of the article is still valid. The concept is to think about your SEO challenge based on what people search for not how you think about the topic. The concept is as important today as it was when this was first published.

The Granularization of Keywords
Published in our blog July 25, 2007

When we first published this article the word Granularization was not actually a word. Back in 2007 a search at Google for this word would get you zero results. We are not claiming to have coined the word but it certainly was not common in 2007.

20 Marketing Steps to a Sale
Published 1885 London – Hints to Intending Advertisers

Republished on our blog December 16, 2010

My favorite historical posting is this article because even at 129 years of age it is still valid. I republished this because it helps explain a common process in marketing which is that frequency and repetition work. This helps people understand the reason to stay consistent with their marketing message. It also helps prove a very important part of measurement and that is that you cannot just pay attention to the last act of the person but must value the earlier steps because without them you would not have the result you so strongly value. I often equate this to the game of basketball because without the actions of all the team players that got the scoring player into position there would be no goal. Remember this next time you think only the conversion counts.

About the photo:  I am the cute kid in the middle and the picture is probably about 1957 in front of our home on 9892 Stonybrook Drive, Anaheim, CA. Disneyland was in its 2nd year of operation and I would be getting ready to go to the brand new “Walt Disney Elementary School”