Here is the Deal

To our fellow Chamber Members, we would be honored to serve you by sending a free e-book on digital marketing written in a language you can relate to. The worst case is you decide the book is not a great fit, and you delete it.  The best case is you learn how to leverage Digital Marketing and dominate your market. 

Either way, it’s a win/win. 

The requirements for this offer are: 

  1. You must be a Chamber Member (Self-certification – Honor System) 
  2. You must read and apply the ideas to your business.  
  3. After you read the book, we ask you to review it at Google Books or Amazon
  4. If you want a paperback version, buy it at Amazon

The steps in this offer are:

  1. Complete the form below.  
  2. Check your email for the book link. 

Got Questions? Call or email Bob 805-270-5875 or