Unlike Digital Advertising, SEO takes as much intuition and experience as it does patience. Your SEO strategy should have several months planned out and Be working in parallel With other strategies. take precaution with any company offering SEO services, there are many bad apples quick to promise fast and easy results.

We are confident that SEO works but cannot stress enough that is a long-term, content driven strategy. Even in the most competitive industries where PPC reigns, a good SEO strategy can help reduce adspend. Since SEO is such a broad term, we organize an SEO strategy into the following tactics:


SEO Structure

This is the disciplined use of keywords in important areas on each page, specifically the title, headings, body text, and ALT tags. If your website is already built with several pages but you do not rank competitively, a one-time project to improve your SEO structure should be helpful.

SEO Content

Adding content to your site, typically in the form of optimized blog articles, is a common way to slowly improve organic rankings, establish authority as you educate the market, and create content for your social media presence. Writing articles is a time investment that not all business owners can commit to – we can help write your blogs and maintain your voice with a simple, 20-minute interview.


SEO Technology

Does your website load fast? Are you running backups and installing the security updates? Is your business registered with Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri? If your IT guy is not taking part in your marketing our 360 plan is exactly what you need to maintain your SEO investment.

SEO Backlinks

If a Marketer offers you hundreds or thousands of backlinks a month – run! The only backlinks that matter are those from authoritative websites includes business listings and websites specific to your industry. Good backlinks do not come easily as each involves some type of trade industry membership, PR effort, or relationship. If you have questions about backlinks or backlink services that you are currently paying for feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.