Reputation Management is the work to understand and improve what others say about your business. This also includes paying attention to what the industry sentiment is. it is the SEO equivalent for people and Relationships. In order to build an internet reputation you need to actively manage your Business Listings, Reviews, and Social Media.


Business Listings

Kill two birds with one stone when you Synchronize your Business Listings Synchronizing your business contact information across all the available business listings on the internet is by far the best value and should be the first step for any Reputation Management Strategy. First this makes it easy for your customers and prospects to find your business and most importantly ensures that your contact information is accurate and up-to-date. You can also expect your business to have several new listings as it get newly recognized in other business directories – this makes for a great SEO strategy giving you a foundation of backlinks from trusted sources.


With the right tools you can aggregate all the reviews about your business to one place and track customer sentiment about the services you provide and about your industry in general. This allows you to walk in your customer’s shoes and with that intimate perspective you can build a better business and connect more deeply with your customer. Imagine discovering new services that you can offer or small operational changes that create a significant improvement in the customer experience all from reading and responding to your reviews.


Social Media

Your business has a personality and Social Media is where you can express yourself in a more informal environment and invite your followers to engage as well. Share content across Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and track engagement of likes, shares, and responses. With the right tools you can also track what your competitors are saying on social media and what people are saying about your business. Social Media tools allow you to simultaneously communicate with a megaphone and keep your ear to the ground.