Christie Covarrubias
Christie Covarrubias | CEO SUN50 Protective Clothing

It’s not easy growing a ‘Made in the USA’ clothing business that is committed to sustainability, craftsmanship and quality materials. These values command a higher price and appeal to a specific demographic of customers.

The Advertising Challenge

Digital advertising is difficult in a well established market – For SUN50 the quality of their product was lost in the broad categories of fashion and clothing – lead quality was low and advertising costs too high.

SUN50 needed an advertiser who could shed light on the meaningful data that would make their ads shine in this crowded marketplace.

The Data Solution 

Through parallel efforts of Digital Advertising and SEO, Torchlight Marketing was able to focus their advertising on performance metrics based on sales, not just clicks. Further, their performance based advertising lights the way for split tests on promotions and messaging for increased sales and better targeting.

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